Questionnaires Keys

Questionnaires are targeted to specific audiences: adults, adolescents (age 13-17yrs) and children (age birth to 12yrs).

Participant Questionnaires are completed by the person who is to receive deliverance. The Participant Questionnaires may be printed and filled out in pen and sent (or emailed) to the deliverance team prayer leader. 

Questionnaire Keys are for use by the deliverance ministry team; Questionnaire Keys ARE NOT provided to the participant. On each Questionnaire Key you will find three types of print.

  • Regular print – the actual question from the Participant Questionnaire
  • Green italics – identifies spirits that may be involved.
  • Blue bold print – notes directed to deliverance ministry team.

The Adult and Adolescent Questionnaire Keys also have sections (A, B, C, etc). These are grouped and labeled by areas of spiritual healing and deliverance. The Participant Questionnaires and Questionnaire Keys make every attempt to be comprehensive. Always listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit and align your actions with Scripture when dealing with each question; be sensitive to the need to ask a question that is the not in the “list”. God’s direction and the need of individual lives cannot be completely anticipated with lists.

Planning and Preparation Tools 

This section provides links to the Battle Plan Template, participant waivers, introduction letters, and other deliverance ministry planning tools.

We use the Battle Plan to take the information from the Participant Questionnaire and develop a work sheet from which to pray. These are provided as guidelines, you may wish to adapt these templates or create a battle plan in a format that better meets your planning and preparation needs.



These are several prayers that we use in deliverance, which focus on various and specific issues; they are provided as guidelines. You may say these prayers in your own words or read the prayers as written.

Recognizing Satan is a legalist, we have included the components necessary to break his legal claims, i.e. repentance, forgiveness, renouncing, etc… as you use these prayers, ensure you cover the legal issues. 

Freedom Scriptures

This collection of scriptures is freely offered. It is organized across specific areas of deliverance and healing. These can be strategically employed in the deliverance session and for meditation to strengthen your faith as a minister of healing and deliverance.